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Kepa saved us! Thomas Tuchel post match interview

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Question :
Thomas, congratulations through to the quarter finals of the Cup. What did you make of your team’s performance tonight? Because it was hard work out there.

Thomas Tuchel :
It was hard work and was not our best performance. We have to admit we can do much better. Circumstances were not easy. pitch very hard to play. The opponent made a very, very good game, very courage and very aggressive in our Half time depressing. So we did some changes and halftime technical technical changes and improved from there because it was a bit easier to come to the opponents half and control the match and your opponents half and play a bit deeper there.

We managed to score an extraordinary nice goal, which was very, very good to open up the field diagonal end and with a good finish and a good run from from resee and good passing. But then it was again, too deep. It was again, too passive. We could not step up into challenges like the way it is needed. We lost too many challenges, one on one, so we can do a lot of things better kepper saved us.

And in two situations. First, half time he saved saved a big one on the line in the second half. So we were also lucky. We have to admit there’s no shame in it.

I appreciate you’ve not been at the club long and you made lots of changes to the starting to tonight. But are you a little bit disappointed? You did. Did you expect a bit more?

Thomas Tuchel :
Well, yes and no. So, yes, we always expect the best.

But no, not disappointed because I know that it’s also difficult to show up then in a match like this where the opponent has nothing to lose, when pitch like this to circumstances. So I we can clearly play better. And for that we can also expect a better game and better individual performances. But at the same time, I can also accept that it’s not the easiest to to maybe arrive today with a bit of lack of rhythm and lack of self confidence and then then to show up in your in your this performance.

So I don’t want to be too harsh and and too harsh with the players. We have stuff to improve for sure. And yeah, in the end we, we, we have a win and go through. Sometimes it’s like this in cup games.

Question :
Generally in training sessions and in games that you’ve seen so far. Are you getting the impression that the players are taking on board what you’re asking of them?

Thomas Tuchel :
Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. It’s it’s a pleasure to work with them every single day.
It’s a pleasure to be in the club. We have unbelievable amount of support and highest quality of support from from from from from the club and from all from all different departures in the club. It’s amazing. And it’s a pleasure to work with the guys. Everybody is hungry, everybody is open. And it’s a good atmosphere in the dressing room and on the pitch. So everything what you can ask for as a coach.

Question :
Just finally, after you beat Sheffield United at the weekend, you said it was like a cup tie.

Thomas Tuchel :
Yeah. Now it will be like a home in the next round. I had the feeling today, yesterday, I said, I think we go again to Sheffield. And so it’s not like this, but opponents right now, it will be a cup tie and it will be another physical match for sure. And we will they will not hand us a single gift. So we will work hard for that. But OK. And the further you come, the more difficult it gets.
And we will be ready in Stamford Bridge to face them. Thank you.

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