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Arsenal vs Manchester City Match Preview (All Time Record, Recent Meetings & Form) | My Line Up

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Hello everyone, welcome to the Socceronly for everything Arsenal and everything football. Thanks for being here. I hope you’re doing well, and welcome to the match beautiful Arsenal against Manchester City.

It always seems like we play this game in Liverpool every single Monday think the last seven months, we have played city four times in Liverpool like another four or five times when you play them later this season.

So, yeah it’s not the best of teams to face and city, definitely, is the worst of them all to face.

In this post I’m going to be talking about the all time record cities form. And obviously at the end my lineup and my prediction for the game. so, let’s get straight into it.

The previous season before that again they beat us, training, and then before that we had a two to draw in a 2-1 victory, three wins for City one for Arsenal and one draw. They’ve scored 11 goals in those five meetings and was called for. There’s also that carrabelle Cup meeting earlier this year when they beat us for one so clearly is not a good record for us facing city recently.

As I said in the intro last 10 meetings we only won once that’s in all competitions in both stadiums in Wembley and all those stadiums are faced each other in the last 10 games.

Seven Premier League games to carrabelle Cup games in one FA Cup game they won nine obviously the one maintain last season in the FA Cup. Probably the best day to do it at say the best to get a win.

They’ve scored 25 goals in the last 10 meetings. I do not like face to face guys and it’s like literally everyone.

They are unbeaten in 16 Premier League games, and in those 16 Premier League games, they’ve kept 12 clean sheets. They only considered a way to Chelsea one go away to Liverpool one goal. They also considered one, a way to ever turn those things that you’d expect to come to score.

They had a disappointing draw way back in December against West Brom one one draw, 12 wins in a row for them 17 competitions including that game against them in the carrabelle Cup, and their goal scoring record in those 17 games.

It’s crazy. It’s great not even 17 good let’s, let’s talk about the 12, where they want to be scored 31 goals, and they’ve considered. That is crazy, that is a team we don’t really like facing right now we wouldn’t want to face a city right now got their games.

The games, really, really hard but they don’t care about that they will as we know every single game their players are recovering from injury, definitely a very very hard game for us so it’s a game of what is their chance for us to win it.

I don’t know, I just hope, hope so. So which kind of lineup would I go for to try and get the points against it.

Let me now talk about what my lineup would be, and my prediction for the year. So for my lineup, and definitely good, a\\ and actually bring back to me on the left side centric on the right side, holding and Gabrielle in central defense.

Now, the thing is people would say resting partey for the Europa League game but the thing is I don’t even think the Premier League is over yet I actually think the top six is easier to get than winning the Europa League.

If we beat city, and Tottenham Aston Villa lose their games, we have a, and that’s like points behind ever to be 56 so definitely a chance if you get two wins three wins in a row, you’ll be like in fifth .

My central midfield , Darrell Namie instead of Serbia so address advice for the Europa League game and try and balance it out so from the defense of Western ballerina and Louise.

Gabrielle Martinelli on the left, they can rotate and they obviously have been doing well on the left side.

And then I’d have soccer, as the number 10 on these three players can rotate however they want soccer can come on the right paper can be the number 10 mechanical stick on the left which I prefer anyway.

But I definitely don’t think that can happen and the lack of that up front. That also means I’ve given rise to Smith row, who, who’s been deserving a race for a while, and then odegaard so it’s a balanced squad it’s still a strong squad, a squad that is capable it Martinelli teen and all those coming in and then on the bench Ryan Luis, Pablo Marie ballerine, odegaard Emile Smith, Obama, William and Dennis.

So that is my lineup. My prediction so they came I’m going to go the same results, we had this the last result we had against the 2-2 to draw the last positive results.

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