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Arsenal vs Benfica Match Preview: Can We Save Our Season?

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Welcome to the preview predictive lineup Arsenal against Benfica  ,Europa cup tomorrow night. And yeah, the Europa League is back.

 But given the fact that we all play and Benfica kind of got that Champions League feel to it, that’s what I’m thinking anyway. Now, normally at this stage in the competition, you kind of still get one of those sides that are quite favorable in terms of a draw, and one that you look at and say I shouldn’t be able to navigate this quite comfortably.

But Arsenal, go and draw, possibly one of the toughest that they could draw. And it was Benfica . Now in the qualifying rounds, they were in the same group as Rangers and actually finished second in the group. But they didn’t lose in their six games. So that was quite an interesting one.

 And, you know, got to see a little bit of a, there’s a few players that you’ll recognize, most notably in defense with the likes of Bhutan, formerly of spurs, and auto mending as well, formerly of Manchester City. And so it’s going to be interesting how this one pans out, because it’s technically an away time. But we’re not actually playing in Portugal, because the whole Coronavirus situation, the games being moved to Rome, so we’re technically both playing away. But they’re going to be classed as the home team. Now a way goals do count, despite the fact that you’re not going to be playing at your home.

 So this game is important to get goals, because ultimately, they could count. So I hope you’re with me still and understands, you know, the way this works out, but strange situation we find ourselves in and I feel that maybe they could have looked at doing just one leg affairs like they did towards the latter part of the Champions League last season in the Europa League.

 But yeah, we’re gonna have to do the two legs. And we’ve got to go back to Greece next week. But this one is very, very important, because let’s be honest, the Premier League season has been abysmal. And we’re not going to be getting into the Champions League places via the top four. So this is one of the avenues we’ve got left to try and do it. It’s going to be a tall order. But we’ve got to see how far we can get. first obstacle in the way is Benfica .

Now in their respective League, and are having a great time at the moment. Currently 19 games played won 11 , draw five,  they scored 33 goals and conceded 17. Now they lost five matches, they’ve only won one game. Fritos have been draws on one has been a defeat.

So we could definitely get something out of this game. Let’s be honest about it. And I think that, you know, we might sit here and worry about them. I’d say something fieger be worried about us. And we’re the team that they wouldn’t want to, you know, drawn in the hat. Maybe at the time of the draw. They were quite happy because we were all full. But we certainly turned things around a bit since then.

 And yeah, I’m looking forward to this game Most definitely. Team lineup is going to be very, very important for this game. Bear in mind, we’ve just played Leeds United bear in mind. We actually have Manchester City on Sunday. And also bear in mind that we’ve got to travel all the way to Greece. Next week for the second leg when it’s supposedly at the Emirates. And then we’ve got to travel to Leicester. absolutely horrendous schedule, but it is what it is.

So with that said, let’s go and get into the starting 11 starting off in Hector Bellerin. Very, very straightforward. And Matt Ryan, I feel is  you know, very capable deputy. But Bellerin is honorable. And I feel that you know Matt Ryan’s probably unlucky that we’ve got Benfica because he may well have got around in this competition, but you play your best goalkeeper, and that’s been a lead on

 Back for starting off in the right back position. I’m going to go with Cedric. I think you can see why I’m putting him on that side. And I feel that, you know, he’s been very consistent. You know, he made that mistake against Aston Villa. But overall he’s done really well was filling in for guarantee and he and I just feel that he offers a lot more than Hector Bellerin so that’s what I’m going to go with.

Right centerback I’m gonna stick with David Louise. The unfortunate for Rob hold it. I feel that David Louise’s experience, go into Benfica as well. could mean a little something, although not going to Benfica but you know what I mean, playing against the and I just feel that, you know, this is a sensible selection for me. And that’s what I’m going to go with, let’s say about Gabrielle, I feel he was really, really good. Last time out, and he’s starting to get himself, you know, back up to speed again, after me seeing gains through Coronavirus and then having to try and break back into the side and everything. And I’ve got no problem with this. I think that’s, you know, a very good central defensive parent.

 Left back, Kieran Tierney. My words have we’ve listed and you know, he’s traveled, he’s been in full training, and he needs to play. It’s as simple as that. If you had to pick this game over Manchester City again,. I’m thinking this game. Let’s be real about it. This game is more important than Sunday’s game.

Because this is our Avenue into the Champions League. It’s as simple as that. Security starts for me, too, in midfield. Now, of course, no Thomas partey got it. But hopefully he’s got an outside chance of the second leg. But to start with Granite Xhaka and I feel that since he’s returned from his red card, or three months ago, he’s been very, very good, very consistent. And I’ve got no problem with this selection at all. Alongside him Danny Serbia support he was really good at the weekend. And he keeps his place for me really good.

Now in the number  10 Wow, there’s going to be some selection headaches. We’ve gone from having no number 10 to having a couple of options. But for this I’m going to go with Martin Odegaard, I was really impressed with his performance at the weekend  and just the way he needs things to give off very tidy, you know, very simple, but so important. And I just feel for this game, he could be very, very good.

 So that’s what I’m gonna go with left wing. I’m going to go with Nicola Pepe. I feel that he was rested in the game at the weekend with this game in mind, and my view does not change. I feel that Pepe can cause a lot of problems just as he has been doing for the last month.

This is what I’m gonna go with up front as the main strike called Pierre Emerick Aubameyang , Aubameyang is our best striker.

That is it for my preview and my predictive lineup as you Let me know in the comment section what You think.

The information will be a 4-3-1 , And I think that’s a very, very, very strong lineup. And like I said, away goals are important we need to score out there.

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